Long Story Short

For this year’s PyConDE & PyData Berlin 2023, I was one of the chairs in the programme committee and learnt a lot along the way from the Call for Proposals (CfP) to the review and selection to the creation of the final program. Along the way, I implemented a little library called Pytanis, which helps to automatize common tasks. Pytanis basically allows you to interact easily with the API of pretalx to download entities like submission (proposals), reviews etc., interact with them using Pandas, publish results to Google Sheets for everyone to see and comment as well as sending mails using HelpDesk. Everything nicely integrated with a lot of example code in Jupyter notebooks.

The documentation of Pytanis explains in detail the different steps of creating a programme for a conference and I hope that others find it helpful so that Pytanis can live on and also help with the programme of other conferences in the future. If you are interested in the source code, it’s of course open-source, MIT-licensed and available in the Github repository of Pytanis.

So check it out! There’s nothing more to see here ;-)


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