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Pytanis includes a Pretalx client and all the tooling you need for conferences using Pretalx, from handling the initial call for papers to creating the final program.

Trivia: The name Pytanis is a reference to Prytanis using the typical py prefix of Python tools. Prytanis was the name given to the leading members of the government of a city (polis) in ancient Greece. Offices that used this title usually had responsibility for presiding over councils of some kind, which met in the Prytaneion. Romani ite domum!


  • simple configuration management with a config folder in your home directory, just like many other tools do
  • easily access Google Sheets, potentially filled by some Google Forms, and download sheets as data frames
  • easy to use Pretalx client that returns proper Python objects thanks to the power of pydantic
  • simple HelpDesk client for batch mails, e.g. to your reviewers
  • awesome documentation with best practices for the program committee of any community-based conference
  • tools to assign proposals to reviewers based on constraints like preferences
  • tools to support the final selection process of proposals
  • tools to support the creation of the final program schedule


Pytanis is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

Documentation for specific MAJOR.MINOR versions can be chosen by using the dropdown on the top of every page. The dev version reflects changes that have not yet been released.

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